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3 Tips For Getting Kids Involved So You Can Get Great Family Photos – And Photo Class Giveaway

Today we get to learn again from CWK contributor and photography teacher, Beryl Ayn Young.  I am an affiliate for Beryl’s online photography class, Momtographie – she’s an expert at helping moms and dads connect through the lens with their families.  Scroll to the bottom of the post for a discount code and to enter the giveaway for free tuition! ~Alissa

How can you get kids to really enjoy a photo session?

The most wonderful thing about photography is the dual purpose it can bring to our families. It’s a creative hobby that leaves us fulfilled as a moms, but it’s also one that connects us with our children and gives us an instant means to engagement with them too.

Sometimes however, it can be tricky to get our kids on board as happy willing participants in our photography sessions with them.

How to make a photo session fun and get great kid pics.

I know just how frustrating it can be to capture that busy baby, that wiggly toddler, or that independent tween, so today I’d like to offer 3 ideas for keeping your kids engaged and interested in that camera lens of yours.

Let them plan

Have them help you as you plan for a creative adventure or styled photo shoot! Grab a favorite story book and plan a way to re-create a scene from it with a full wardrobe, props, makeup, etc. Or, why not have them tell you their ideas for a family field trip where you can take the camera along. Go to the zoo, the ice cream parlor, or simply the park. The point is to let them choose the location so they’ll let you capture it all!

3 Tips for getting kids involved so you can get great family photos.

Let them look

One of my favorite photo bribes I like share with moms is letting your kiddos see the playback screen when your done. Tell your kid(s) “I’m going to take _____ (insert a number you find appropriate here…3, 5, 10?) pictures of you and then I’ll let you see what they look like. OK?” Kids love to see what you’ve done and unlike us they like to see themselves on the screen. Why not allow them to give you their approval after you work your magic behind the lens.

Let them play

Instead letting your kids simply see the pictures you’ve taken, why not let them take some of their own photos? After you get the shots you’re after, pass the camera off to your kids and let them snap a few too. You’ll gain a whole new perspective for what the world looks like through their eyes, but you’ll also have those incredible photos you’ve just snapped of them too!

3 Tips for getting great pics by making it fun for you kids

These tips have helped me capture some of the classic moments that document our life as a family. And, learning to use a camera properly has been a huge part of expanding my creativity and advancing my own self-expression and exploration as well.

Beryl Ayn Young teaches parents how to use their cameras to connect with their kids and beautifully capture family memories  – photography to nourish the body mind and soul. Click here to learn more about Momtographie!

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