Best Audiobooks for Tweens

A report out of New Zealand states that tweens who don’t read is one possible indication that they are not ‘achieving a satisfying pathway from school into early adulthood’.  It goes on to say, “The period from age 10 to age 14 appears to be a time when it is particularly important for teachers and parents to watch for signs that children are turning away from school and learning. This applies as much to high performers at school as low performers.”  It has also been said anecdotally that, “leaders are readers.” 

As you can see, reading is a vital component to our childrens’ success in life.

Books are a portal to new worlds. They create ideas, stimulate brain activity, while also creating a sense of calm. With our advancements in technology, we are able to consume stories and information in new ways, quicker than ever. Audiobooks give literary lovers a format to consume their books on-the-go.  

Active readers and literary lovers are not the exclusive audience of audiobooks, though. In fact, audiobooks break down barriers for tweens, making these exciting worlds and new information completely accessible to anyone regardless of their reading level.

As a parent, reading with your tween may not seem like a viable or welcome option. You may need to be strategic in your approach to introducing stories to your tween. Let’s take a look at ways to engage your tween in world of audiobooks! Getting them a subscription to get audio books each month and starting them out with a few great books is a great way to help them fall in love with books.

Become familiar with the story – Reading, or listening to, the book before your tween can give you a better perspective on themes and prepare you for a deeper conversation about the story. If sensitive topics are contained the story you will be better prepared to engage your tween in meaningful conversation.

Choose your time – There are countless distractions, each vying for your tween’s attention. While there is no surefire way to hold their interest you can create an environment where the stories become the centre peice of the time. Consider listening while driving on a road trip, while cleaning the house or doing chores, or as you settle in for quiet time at the end of the day.

Start at your tween’s level – Like make parts of parenting life, tweens may balk at what interests you. That’s perfectly fine in this situation because your goal is to engage with minds and imaginations. Choose audiobooks that will be of interest to your tween. It’s not likely going to jive with your reading list, but you will be exactly where you need to be for your tween.

Try, try again – There are countless genres and subgenres at your fingertips. Finding the right book on the first attempt is unlikely, but it triggers imagination and starts you on the track to find the right material.

With these considerations in mind, you can begin your journey into audiobooks.  While countless books are available in the audiobook format, let’s take a look at few highly recommended audiobooks for tweens.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This Sci-Fi adventure takes a new spin on the old classic of Cinderella.  The cyborg, Cinder, lives with her step-mother and step-sisters. She soon finds herself deeply entangled in a web that puts her life in jeopardy, and the country at risk.  This audiobook has been described as amazing and part of a riveting series.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park remains a popular recommendation for readers and lovers of audiobooks. The story finds the two main characters, aptly named Eleanor and Park, coming from different worlds and falling in love. It might seem like a typical plot line, but this gem is treasured by all who dive into this story.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

This audiobook finds itself deep in the conflicts of modern day. After her unarmed friend is shot by police, Starr finds herself torn between her two worlds – urban neighborhood and suburban school. As riots erupt and protests ensue, Starr must make a decision that could have deep consequences; speak up, or stay quiet. The writing of this novel is described as “absolutely brilliant” making is a great book for an older tween.

Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos

When young Jack Gantos finds himself grounded, rather than a summer filled with typical tween antics, he ends up assisting an elderly neighbor around his house. This unexpected friendship leads to unexpected surprises and experiences. Using humor and history this book is top-shelf entertainment.

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

Combining Sci-Fi and mystery, When you Reach Me weaves a tale of Miranda, a sixth grade student, who finds everything in life is changing. As she begins to receive anonymous letters she realizes that the changes she was seeing we just the beginning. This audiobook is a great listen for the family road trip and is sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

With so many books to choose from every possible genre there is literally something for everyone.  Check out the audiobooks we’ve shared and you’re bound to find one that captures the imagination and heart of your tween.

Happy listening! We hope you find an audio book your tween really enjoys!