Creative Christmas Day 11 – Let it Snow! Model Village

Two weeks until Christmas!

Have you been singing carols with your kids?  I was schooled on how to sing O’ Christmas Tree today at lunch.  (There are WAY too many versions of that song in my opinion, and none of the ones on You Tube were the ones my five year old has been singing at Kindergarten, of course…) We’ve been putting on Pandora in the afternoons and today we discovered the “A Charlie Brown Christmas Medley” station.  Perfect.

Creative Christmas Countdown Day 11

{Build a Christmas Village}

Today you can let your little builders go wild.  Maybe read a lovely story like The Polar Express and then set them loose (erhem, with properly selected Christmas music in the background) and let them build the Christmas village of their dreams.  You’re going to love all of the creativity and fun at the Nurturestore site.  Click on the link above to see today’s post and start exploring.

Christmas Crafting Tip:

Lets just admit it.  Sometimes the sheer amount of “stuff” our kids create is a bit overwhelming.  And then they’re attached to it and it can never leave!  What to do?  Here are a couple ideas; use what works for you.

– Gradually sneak items to the trash.  You can always take photos for a digital scrap book without keeping the entire art piece.  Your child will probably enjoy looking through these pictures with you as much as looking at the original item.

– Send things to Grammy.  Obviously this is less easy with 3-D objects.

– Let the discarding be part of the creating and letting go ritual.  With things like our gingerbread houses, for instance, we set up the expectation that these are not permanent items and then when it’s time to toss them (or in our case put them in the fireplace) we say a joyful, “Bye-bye houses!”  We tell the kids ahead of time something like, “We’ll make these pretty houses and then after the holidays we put them in the fireplace.  It makes them really special that they’re *just* out for this short time.”

Go to Red Ted Art to see day 12 tomorrow when she’ll be featuring an activity from Kid Stuff World!


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