Creative Christmas Day 15 – Simple Kid Made Ornaments

Today’s activity has two choices – pick what works for you!  I love them because they really are the kind of thing you can do at a moments notice.  Put on some Christmas music and enjoy!

Day 16 Super Simple DIY Ornaments

{Super Simple DIY Ornaments}

MaryAnne from Mama Smiles brings us today’s activity.  This is the kind of thing you can bring out with little to no planning – everyone is kind of quiet after lunch? Fabulous – hand over these and let them decorate, maybe you’ll get to enjoy a cup of coffee while they increase the Christmas cheer.

Crafting Tip:

An activity really can be super simple and still feel festive and fun.  Keep in mind the kinds of things your kids like already, maybe playing with playdough, drawing or painting. Grab the supplies, put on some Christmas music and introduce a Christmas theme.

  • What do you think Santa’s sleigh looks like?
  • Can you draw a Christmas Tree?
  • Let’s play Santa’s Workshop and be the elves making presents!

Let it be easy, go with what your kids like and have fun.  Merry Christmas, friends!

Tomorrow, day 16 (Oh my, we are getting close to Christmas aren’t we?) will be presented on Red Ted Art and feature a fun activity by Creative Connections for Kids.  Check them out!

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