Creative Christmas – Mini Baubles Wreath

This weekend I just wanted to enjoy my kids.  We put lights up outside, chose a Christmas Tree, and even braved the crowded aisles of Target to get new sleds.  The first trip down the snowy hill my two year old daughter bailed at the bottom and we froze waiting to see how she would react.  The little pink puff ball rolled over, raised herself up on her hands in the snow and looked up at us with a huge grin on her face.  Sledding was a hit.


Creative Christmas Countdown day 17

{Mini Baubles Wreath}

If you’d like to do some crafting to spend time with your kids, and if you too are willing to brave the aisles of Target (where you can find this type of bauble ornament, though I’m sure you can find them elsewhere too) you might  have fun making these cute little wreathes brought to us by Chrissy of The Outlaw Mom.  They might make a nice present for your child’s teacher.

Crafting Tip:

Sometimes, myself included, we worry too much about letting our kids have freedom while they make things.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a BIG fan of creative expression and exploration, but sometimes, in order to feel free to explore, we need boundaries and limits.  We might need to just copy someone else.  In Drawing With Children Mona Brookes emphasizes that artists, even great artists learn by imitation.

Think about handwriting – most of us learned first by tracing and then repeating those letters over and over.  Yet now we don’t even have to think about it to write, and all of us have unique handwriting.  Arts and crafts can start out with some of that copying.  You do something and your child imitates.  As they begin to understand how to use the tools, and as you reassure them that mistakes and experimenting are ok, they’ll make their own unique work naturally.

Head over to Red Ted Art for day 18. She’s featuring even days while I feature odds.  Tomorrows featured post will come from Toddler Approved and it’s a fun one!

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