Ice-T and Coco: Behind the Scenes of Their 7-Year-Old’s Instagram Fame

Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin, the iconic rapper-actor duo, recently opened up in an exclusive interview with The Messenger about their unique approach to managing their 7-year-old daughter Chanel’s Instagram account, which boasts an impressive 446,000 followers.

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Chanel’s Instagram is a Family Affair

In the candid conversation, Ice-T, known for his role on “Law & Order: SVU,” revealed, “Her social media is us.” He shared this insight while attending the 13th Annual Rookie USA Fashion Show to support Moms for Moms NYC.

The couple’s unconventional decision to create an Instagram page for Chanel was made from the moment she was born. “When she was born, I said, ‘I’m going to be that dad [who is] going to post 1,000 pictures of my kids. I’m going to burn my fans out,’ so we’ll do our own page [for her] from day one, and the people that want to follow her can follow her,” Ice-T explained.

Ice-T isn’t the sole curator of Chanel’s account. Coco Austin, the reality star, actively manages it. She chimed in, saying, “I do ask her though — I ask her when I post a picture — I want her to give me her comment on it.” So, the captions and content on Chanel’s Instagram reflect her own input and personality.

Reality TV on the Horizon

In the same interview, Ice-T and Coco dropped a hint that Chanel might be making her debut on the small screen soon. “Coco did a sizzle [reel] for a potential show called ‘Coco Loves Chanel’ — a spinoff from ‘Ice Loves Coco,’ which is more about mothering and the daughter versus me and Coke, but I’m in it,” Ice-T revealed. “But it’s more based around her and her girlfriends. It’s about mothers.”

It seems the dynamic duo is not only managing their daughter’s social media presence but also exploring exciting opportunities for her in the world of reality television.

Looks like this is just the start of Chanel’s journey into the spotlight and her parents’ unique approach to parenting in the digital age.

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