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New Project Asks: What If Kids Design Our Cities?

In a world filled with challenges, one author and illustrator team is on a mission to ignite the sparks of imagination in people of all ages. Brad Montague and his wife, Kristi Montague, are inviting kids to join them in designing a city – “ULTRA CITY.” The idea behind this ambitious project is to envision a city of the future “where everybody has everything they need and everything is amazing.”

It was in classroom conversations after the release of their book, “The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination.” that the idea of designing a city emerged. People from preschool to university-age and beyond were captivated by the notion of dreaming together of a better future during these discussions.

Brad Montague says that “ULTRA CITY,” a collaborative project named by Montague’s own kids, is open to everyone’s contribution. To facilitate participation, Montague and a team of educators have created a free activity guide, encouraging individuals to engage with young people in their lives and co-imagine a better world. Montague urges, “I really, really need your help with this. I need EVERYONE’s help with this.”

Peter Drucker’s words, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” resonate with Montague’s vision for ULTRA CITY. This project is about keeping our imaginations vivid and nurturing the creativity of the next generation. He believes that by coming together we can remember that good is possible, overcome creative blocks, and write a better future.

A host of free resources, including the Ultra City activity guide, can be found on his website. “Better is possible. The future is possible. Let’s build it together,” Montague concludes, inviting all to join in this imaginative journey.

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