10 Ways to Make Yourself Miserable With Kid’s Crafts

I am ready to guarantee that you can hate doing crafts with your kids. That’s right, being creative with kids can become misery with kids; all you have to do is follow these steps.

Start when you are tired, and everyone needs a snack.

Kids hand scribbling on paper with craft supplies nearby
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

Tell the kids you will have a snack AFTER you do this craft.

If people are cranky to begin with, try something new and complex, definitely.

Kids sit at a table doing crafts with many craft supplies spread out. They're gluing feathers on googley eyed turkey crafts
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

Get everything out, and then try and make everyone wait while you figure out what you’re doing.

Or pick something you think is pretty lame.

Child sits at counter looking at kids craft of a painted box with pom poms glued on it
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

Go for the project that makes you think, “Wow, that looks tedious and boring…and I don’t even like the end result.”

Speaking of end result, decide how you want it to look ahead of time. 

Child sits next to a notebook that they're apparently gluing paper scrap into. The notebook has a heart painted in it with many craft supplies spread around on the table
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

Better yet, decide that you want the kids to make it for someone else and picture exactly what it should look like AND what it should say.  This works great for thank-you cards.

Make sure what you’re doing is way beyond their capabilities.

A chaotic selection of wooden bits, power cords, metal cans and paint are spread out on a table
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

This way, you have two lovely possibilities – either you wind up having to do all the steps for them, or maybe they’ll insist on doing all the steps and then throw a massive tantrum when it is physically impossible for them to make it work.

Don’t plan anything to entertain the baby. 

A toddler stands next to a dumped out box of fabric scraps and wooden peg dolls
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

Doing crafts with the baby’s older siblings? Great! While you’re at it, you should probably set up at ground level so you can get a good workout trying to fend off the interested baby while also facilitating the craft project.

Speaking of set up, make sure you set up over carpet.

Image of a glue and paper turkey with feathers around it
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

Have the kids wear nice clothing (obviously.)

When your child tells you they don’t want to do what you chose, don’t listen to them! 

Origami papers are spread out on a table with two hands folding a diamond
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

Try pleading and really pushing it so you can all be miserable and grouchy!  If they don’t like what you planned, feel bad about your lack of psychic powers.

Judge your kid’s crafts.

A child sits by a glue gun gluing wooden beads together
Photo Source: Alissa Zorn

Realize that they probably will not get into college because (face it) that paper plate cheetah mask doesn’t look like a cheetah AT ALL.

Judge yourself, and do not laugh about it when you make any of the above mistakes. 

An adults hand places a plastic gem onto a paper crown that's being held by a child's hands

Because nobody else makes mistakes like these.  In fact, I’m not sure how I even learned about the mistakes.  They are just theories to me…

Oh- what? You don’t want to be miserable while you’re creating with your kids?  Oh, never mind then.  Try not to do any of the things I just mentioned…

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