Super Cringe – Or Super Smart? Apple’s Meeting With Mother Nature Is Polarizing the Internet

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, Apple has once again taken center stage with its latest campaign, and the reactions have been nothing short of polarizing.  Featuring none other than Mother Nature herself, the tech giant’s newest ad has sparked a wide array of responses, ranging from effusive praise to cringe-inducing discomfort.


When Guillaume Huin, head of social media for Mcdonald’s, called it one of the best pieces of brand content he’d ever seen, reactions were swift and often incredulous.

The first replies were positive, praising the piece and saying that “Tim Apple” did good.

But then the backlash started.


Twitter user @corradoamenta, replied to Huin’s tweet, saying he thought the spot was “super cringe” and that Apple had put out way better content in the past. In his own tweet about the spot he wondered if AI had written the script.

Some users commented on the production of the spot.

But there was plenty of positive response as well, 

Whether you think it’s super cringe or super smart, @mattie_bennett brings up what probably matters most to Apple – it’s getting watched, and people are talking about it.


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