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Rainy Day Books for Kids

In the Southwestern US, at the beginning of Monsoon season in the summer, it often has been dry for months. You might as well know that the first day it rains, no one will be able to concentrate. We’re all too excited by those exotic drops of water finally, finally falling from the sky.

Well, we’ve been getting Monsoon rain lately, and we got inspired by the stormy weather and a great book, called Thunder Cake, to bake yesterday! Thunder Cookies!

thunder cookies and rainy day books

Want to make your own Thunder Cookies?

It’s all a matter of imagination and playing with words when it comes to baking this kind of storm.

“The clouds are rolling in!” as we dump in the flour.

“Ooh, the sky is looking very dark!” as we put in some cocoa.

“Here comes the wind!” as my son stirs the dough.

My five year old, who is usually pretty worried about thunder said, “This is FUN.” and we conspiratorially wished for some lightning to make the cookies taste really good.
We just made a basic cocoa cookie recipe and then I cut marshmallows into strips to make the “lightning”.

Thunder Cookies storm words

Our favorite Rainy Day Read Alouds:

Move Over, Rover!
This book is so much fun to read out loud. The rhymes gallop along and then my kids always giggle about the ending. (hint – a skunk takes cover from the rain!)
Perfect weather for baking a Thunder Cake
… Great story for a child who is afraid of storms.
James and the Rain This book is both fun to read (it is another poem) and filled with beautiful illustrations. And of course we have a James here, so we like that too 😉
Yellow Umbrella is beautiful. It has no words, and instead comes with a CD of classical style music that you listen to while looking at the illustrations and following the yellow umbrella on its little journey.
The Seed & the Giant Saguaro Done in the style of The House that Jack Built, this is the story of desert animals and a summer Monsoon. It has rich pictures and a bit of information about each creature in the back.
This is a favorite from my childhood. The Rainbow Goblins
has illustrations you can just about fall into, they’re so beautiful and delicious.

Readers Recommend:

Rainy Day Books Recommended by You!


What other books about rainy days do you love?  I’d be happy to add more reader recommendations!

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