Ultimate Gaming Table- Top 7 Best Multi-game Tables for 2021

Ultimate Gaming Table- Top 7 Best Multi-game Tables for 2021Multi-game tables are great for keeping children entertained for long periods of time.  The best tables are where the games are stackable as they provide the smallest footprint, giving you more space in your living area. Many boast of incredible storage capacity to house small parts, preventing them from being misplaced and saving you any potential headaches.

In selecting a gaming table, or even a gaming desk, there are several factors to consider. Is it for the entire family, or is it for just the child? There are many portable multi-game units, but they are usually of the tabletop variety. This means that adults may have a challenging time playing with their children because the pieces are too tiny.

Other multi-game tables are larger, but some aren’t stackable. They end up taking up extra room when not in use.

In terms of pricing, if you’re looking for a gaming table that is for the entire family, invest in a higher-end product. The cheaper multi-game tables are OK, but they are just designed for a child’s amusement. They are often not designed to last long and are easily disposed of.

Top Best Multi-game Tables for 2021

1. MD Sports 12-in-1 Combo

MD Sports 12-in-1 Combo

With 12 games included in one package, this multi-game table is an easy must-have. This set includes air-powered hockey, basketball, bean bag toss, foosball, table tennis, archery, dice, chess, checkers, backgammon, air soccer, and stick hockey.

The design is very compact and doesn’t take up much space. It has reinforced leg designs with lateral support beams for added stability. It includes all accessories and is geared toward kids under 12.


Compact design


  • Foosball table takes up more space due to its poles
  • Customers dislike the complexity of putting it together and find the instructions to be vague

2. HaxTON 5-in-1 Multi-use Game Table

HaxTON 5-in-1 Multi-use Game Table

The HaxTON Multi-game Table comes equipped with foosball, air hockey, and billiards (pool), as well as shuffleboard and bowling. This table is very portable, small, and versatile.  It takes up very little space, and the game tables are easily stacked on top of each other. This allows for built-in storage for accessories.

The HaxTON Multi-game Table is made of high-quality, wooden materials and combined with classic elements, making it timeless. Plus, sidelocks prevent the table from sliding or spilling.

This table is high enough for adults to use it and it is great for the entire family.


  • Great for all family members. The table is high enough for adults to play.
  • Games easily stack so it takes up less space
  • Sturdy, stable design. Extremely well-crafted

There is currently a lack of negative feedback, as this product is, as of now, listed as a new release. So far, it ranks No. 1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releasees for Combination Game Tables.

3. Franklyn Sports 5-in-1

Franklyn Sports 5-in-1

The nice part about this table is the colorful, 3-D design. There are five options for games: billiards, soccer, basketball, bowling, and hockey.


  • It converts from game to game easily
  • All accessories are included
  • Compact design- it is very portable


  • Not enough storage for small pieces
  • Adults may not like it as it is too small
  • Some customers feel it isn’t the best quality, but their children are entertained.

4. YGO Multi Game 12-in-1 Set

YGO Multi Game 12-in-1 Set

The YGO Multi-Game Set comes with 12 tables in one. It is one of the largest games table available. This set can be used to play pool, table tennis, soccer, foosball, slide hockey, chess, shuffleboard, bowling, backgammon, checkers, hoefyster, 21 points, and lasso.

The tabletops are easily removable and designed for the entire family to enjoy.


  • Durable – It is made of a thick composite board with adjustable legs. The dimensions of this multi-game table are 42.1” x 24” x 32”
  • Set includes all accessories and easy installation. All that is required is to screw in the table legs and cabinet
  • Stackable tables with easy storage


  • This is a higher-end table

5. Triumph Sports 13-in-1 Combo Table

Triumph Sports 13-in-1 Combo Table

This table includes table tennis, basketball, push hockey, billiards, launch football, baseball, tic-tac-toe, and see bean bag toss. If you are looking for a

strategy board game, this set also includes chess, checkers, and backgammon, as well as soft tip darts and archery. Kids will have fun playing for hours with this set.


  • Easy cleanup
  • Built-in storage for smaller game boards
  • Storage bag for small accessories
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Table measures 48” length, 24” width, and 32” height
  • Games are stored in a built-in storage rack system


  • Too small for adults
  • Some customers report that it breaks too easily
  • Lining comes up in corners

6. Bellaxx Multi-function 3-in-1 Combo Game Table

Bellaxx Multi-function 3-in-1 Combo Game Table

The Bellaxx table has four different surfaces. It changes from a table for ice hockey, billiards, table tennis, or football. The material is durable and of high quality. It is also completely non-toxic, plus,the wide four-leg structure aids in added stability.


  • Surfaces are stackable
  • Small footprint
  • Can be used for both parents and children
  • Product measures 76 cm x 73cm x 16 cm


  • Legs are l-shaped. They may not be as sturdy as a wide leg.
  • May be a bit wobbly

7. WLDOCA Multi-game Table

WLDOCA Multi-game Table

The WLDOCA game table is used for hockey, billiards, table tennis, or football.  It is air-powered as well.

The structure is well-designed. The material is non-toxic and of high quality.


  • Pool table used as a base. It turns over to be a table tennis board
  • Accessories are included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adults and children can play


Multi-gaming systems are great for the entire family. They are a wonderful way to keep everyone engaged, and they are ideal for family game nights. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Before making a purchase, take into consideration the measurements of the product.  Some appear to be larger in the photos than in reality. Know the exact dimensions of the product you are purchasing to avoid any surprises when you’re setting it up at home.

Also, keep in mind that many of these tables come with small pieces. Please keep them away from small children as they are potential choking hazards.

When looking for the best gaming table to enjoy with either your family or your friends, be sure to look back at the seven options we have listed. They are guaranteed to make for an entertaining night and create lasting memories with those close to you

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