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An Easy Way To Connect With Kids At Dinnertime

What was your favorite part of the day?

This question has become a touchstone in our family. We ask it at dinnertime- whether that dinner is happening at the dining room table or in a half-hazard gathering in the living room, it is a a way to connect and bring people present.

If the adults in the room are just a *wee* bit exhausted and grouchy, it is a way to pull us out of our funk. (How can you stay grouchy when your four year old says his favorite part of the day was when you played a game with him?)

You know, dinner is “supposed to be” this nice connecting point in your day. The truth of the matter is, the grown ups here are usually run ragged by dinnertime. I am thankful to have discovered this little ritual to help bring connection even on days when I am just WORN out.

At dinner time tonight ask your kids what their favorite part of the day was. Go around to everyone at the table and find out their answer. Even if they had a crummy day, was their some little bright spot?  I hope this brings you a *new* favorite part of your day.

My oldest always wants to go first and then sits there going, “Hmmm…this is hard. I don’t know…” (Why did you beg to go first then??!!) Then whatever he comes up with, surprise, surprise, most of the time my younger son has the SAME favorite part of the day. The best is when they say, “My favorite part is right now.” Awww.

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